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 Summer “2013”

 Dear Fifth Grader,

Congratulations on your recent promotion from elementary school! What a major accomplishment! You should be proud of this milestone in your life. You must be very excited about entering your first year of middle school! My name is Mrs. Barnum and I will be your 5th grade homeroom teacher at Saxe, and I’m here tohelp you with this next step. I teach reading and writing on the 5th grade purple team alongside Ms. Payne, my partner, who will be teaching math and social studies. We have planned an exciting year for you filled with fun activities, interesting projects and many, many coming attractions. We both really want you to have a smooth and successful transition this year.

The best way to be a successful student is to follow the 3C’s; clear communication, caring about yourself and others, and an on-going commitment to your responsibilities. That means: try your very best to do your very best. Keeping track of your assignments in, and outside the classroom is the first step. We will all use the Saxe planner to record our homework and long-term projects. Students purchase the planners by the end of the first week of school and will be asked to bring them to all classes on a daily basis.  They are very helpful and only cost $5.00. Also, if you did not order a supply pack, the list of school supplies is on the Saxe website. We will be using these supplies to set ourselves up the first week of school to ensure well-organized routines for the year. Please come prepared and ready to go. First impressions are important!

Furthermore, if you haven’t chosen a book yet for your summer project, now is the time. I can’t wait to learn all about the person you chose to research-and why? If I remember correctly, there are many ways to present this project; make a movie, create a timeline, poster, diorama, skit, etc… Be creative and always remember that presentation counts! Our share the first week will be a lot of fun and this is a great way to find out all about you, and your interests.

In addition,  remember to bring a healthy, nut-free snack to school each day. Please bring only water to drink and do not bring candy or sweets for snack. We have snack each morning to keep our energy up.

I am so looking forward to meeting you in August at our informal “Meet and Greet”. I am located in room 25, and Ms. Payne is right next door in room 27. But if you can’t make it, that’s alright. Drop by another time, or I will meet you the first day of school. And over the summer you can check my website for any updates or important information. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your summer, and again I look forward to a meaningful and productive year together. Welcome to Saxe Middle School. 

Yours truly,


Mrs. Barnum