Saxe Office Contacts and Hours

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Saxe Daytime Open House

April, 2014

Dear Saxe Parent/Guardian,

You are invited to attend a “Daytime Open House” during the weeks of April 28 and May 5, 2014.  The schedule below depicts the specific day, date and time for each team’s/homeroom’s open house.  Our format during the daytime open house replicates the core academic rotation portion of our traditional evening open house in October.  Parents spend approx. 10 minutes in each core classroom as they rotate amongst all four subjects:  Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science.   Some Gr. 5-8 teams may decide to host the entire program in one single classroom. 

4/28 Monday

4/29 Tuesday

4/30 Wednesday

Room 122

Room 124

8 Purple          
Room 102

7 Red
Room 138

7 Blue
Room 135


Paradise /Holdorf
Room 20

8 Blue
Room 206


8 Red
Room 204

Room 121


6 Red              
Room 28

Room 25



6 Blue
Room 32



5/1 Thursday

5/2 Friday

5/5 Monday


5/7 Wednesday  
(Make Up Date)

Room 129

Room 130

7 Green      Room 140

9:15am            Grade 7


Room 17

8 Green      Room 101

11:40am                  Grade 8



6 Green    Room 36

12:30pm                    Grade 6

You are asked to report to the team classroom noted on the schedule above. 

Your child’s teacher will take a few minutes to review progress since our last open house; review progress made thus far in regards to meeting local and state curriculum standards, address initiatives that have promoted an emotionally and physically safe learning environment using either the Aspirations Pyramid or other character/community building tools; and offer an academic introduction to the last marking period/trimester. 

If you have any further questions regarding our parent communication program, please feel free to call or contact me at 

Greg Macedo
Saxe Principal

Entering Grade 6 World Language
Request Form

Please complete on or before April 14, 2014. Thank you. 

(Gratias !! Merci !! Gracias !! 谢谢 !!)

A copy of the Fifth Grade World Language Presentation is attached.  If you have any specific questions about the process and/or the choices, please contact the K-8 World Language Coordinator, Lizette D’Amico at

To complete online go to the following link: 

Grade 6 World Language Request Form

A hard copy of the form is also attached for printing if needed. Please return to Ms. Carmichael, Grade 5 Secretary in the Lower Division Office.

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SBAC Follow-Up Letter

As we all work to develop curriculum and assessments that reflect what students will need to know, understand and do in the 21st Century, we need to design and validate next generation resources. This includes assessments. The Smarter Balanced Assessment field test, which is designed to be a "no stakes" event for students and teachers will begin during the month of March. The test window will be spread out over time due to the computer based administration. Testing is required by state mandate in grades 3-8 and the high school (in this case grade 11). Additionally, privacy and confidentiality protocols continue to be in place at district and state as in past. For more information, please see attachment below.  

2014 NCEA Summer Scholarship 

If you are interested in applying for the 2014 NCEA Summer Scholarship, please use the link below.  All the necessary information is included in the link. If you have questions/concerns, please contact

NCEA Summer Scholarship Application Link


Many Saxe Students have already completed some wonderful projects for class that utilized technology.  Why don't you come share that with the world at the NCPS - Tech Night 2014?

 Click here for more information and the opportunity to send in your application.

NCPS Tech Night provides students and educators an opportunity to showcase how technology enhances and encourages learning. Technology is not a means to an end but rather a spark that makes magic. Tech Night is an evening that highlights our sparks, the students, as they demonstrate the uses of technology for innovative projects created outside of school and within the school.

Sandy Hook One Year Anniversary Guidance For Parents and Educators

Please find a link below.

Sandy Hook Guidance Link


Please find attached below a copy of the presentations given to students on the Learning Community.

Saxe Student Learning Expectations

Please find below a copy of the Saxe Student Learning Expectations.


Please use the link below to access the district calendar for Saxe events.


Saxe After School Activity Sign-Ups
Now Available!

Please find below the "Middle School Choices" brochure which contains information on Saxe after school activities as well as programs from the YMCA.   Activities will begin on Monday, March 17 and run through Friday, June 6, 2014.   Please use the link below to sign-up for Saxe Activities.  If interested in programs from the YMCA, please contact them directly. 

(If your child is interested in participating in the Track Club, please make sure to print and return the permission slip below.)

Saxe After School Activity Sign Up Form 

SBAC Letter and Information

Please find information on the upcoming Smarter Balance Assessment testing in the letter attached below.