Sunday 2/10: Dr. Kolek Communications Brief
Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Communications Brief NCPS

In the spirit of providing ongoing communication, I thought NCPS families and staff would appreciate an update on the status of NCPS.  Although we are all working hard to resume our regular school sessions, as of 4:30 PM no decision has been made about Monday.  Because this is such an unusual situation I want to provide you with some additional insight so you can understand what is informing our decision making.  

Reports indicate that New Canaan fared well and that the town is in good condition. This is a credit to all who take care of roads, walkways and the school facilities.  Unfortunately,  a number of other towns  continue to experience extraordinary difficulties - people have not been able to get out of their drives or get access to cleared roads. Reports in some cases indicate access may take at least another day. 

These are towns in which a number of our staff, including teachers and bus drivers live.  We are working to monitor and assess this situation to determine the extent of impact.  In addition, weather bulletins are indicating there may be frozen precipitation impacting early morning travel. Again this is a situation that I am closely monitoring. 

Given the complexity of the circumstances,  I ask families and staff be prepared for several scenarios or changing conditions, including a regular opening, a 2 hour delay or, in the worst case scenario, a closing. We will all do our best to resume our instructional program as soon as is possible, knowing safety must the priority. 

I anticipate making the final decision tomorrow morning by 5:30 AM, but will alert you earlier if more definitive information becomes available. 

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Mary Monroe Kolek, Ph.D.
New Canaan Public Schools

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